Video Status Update Messengers that Are Gaining Momentum

Video Status Update

Apps that allow users to use videos in order to message or put as a status update are gaining momentum, and since most such apps target short video communication, many have fallen in love with such experiences.

The meaning of video update is nothing but the sharing of a short video clip recorded through a phone’s camera. Such a short clip or brief statement can be shared with other users with the click of a few buttons.

These kinds of apps, widely regarded as ‘micro video applications’, can be said to be small social networks rich in videos! Some of the most popular video sharing apps are:


Tout Video Messenger

Allowing users to make video recordings of equal to or less than 15 seconds, Tout resembles another similar app Keek quite closely. It not only works for Android and iOS mobile users, but also allows recording through desktop webcam. Made to make short video conversations the norm, this app either allows sharing of videos in popular networks like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, or in its official site. It lets users follow other people who seem interesting, for instance, celebrities are followed by day to day users.

Vloggo Video Messenger

With a brilliant yet simple tagline ‘share your life through video’, this particular app has marked itself as a video status oriented messenger. The app is currently available for iOS devices, however, Android version is being given thought to. Moreover, it can be used using webcams. This app allows recordings as long as 60 seconds, and the hosted videos are referred to as ‘vlogs’. Even though the app features certain videos like talking head and different attractive scenes, users like it more to use their own cameras to make own recordings.

VYou Video Messenger

Although this app initially took footsteps by trying to use a question-answer format which utilized video messages, nowadays, it works like most other video status apps. Designed for iOS users, this particular app no longer requires users to always use questions and answers, because these days, a user can simply let the world know what he or she is up to using its video sharing capacity. Video Messenger

This one has existed for a while, and although many newer apps are trying to overtake it, it still has quite a good number of fans. Developed by California-based Particle, this video status updating application can do almost everything that other similar apps can do.

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