Viber Messaging App has also launched Viber Games


Viber, the popular data messaging and chat application, has also launched Viber games. These games were initially available only in 5 countries but after the successful experiment, Viber App has now expanded these game services for there worldwide users. Initial countries for the pilot test of Viber games were Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, Ukraine and Belarus.

All data messaging applications are moving beyond the messaging concept and featuring new ways to entertain their users and enhance their app reach. Viber Games are an example of such efforts from Viber. Viber having 26 Million active users per month in their app can make a good bet in gaming field.

Coming to the games, Viber games are available on both App Stores (Android Play store and iTunes ). There are currently 3 games under their name but more games are expected to come in near future. Viber Candy Mania, Viber Pop and Wild Luck Casino allow players to connect with others on the messaging service to play together, track scores, show off achievements and send gifts as they are made with Viber private API. They are currently working with Storm 8 and Playtika for their gaming venture.

Experts say that it was a predictable move by Viber as all messaging applications are moving beyond basic messaging concept and transforming their app to enhance their app reach. Kakaotalk was already a success story as an example for them as they also managed to boost their revenue after introducing of games in their application. This will increase their user engagement with application and will also be the source of revenue with In-App purchase options available in games.

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