Latest Viber update supports Android Wear and other Features


The battle for the crown to be become the most preferred mobile chat app has taken a new turn as Viber just launched its 5.3 Android version into the market. In addition to other features, the update includes features that are specifically meant to work with Android wear devices. This shows clearly that Whatsapp and Skype now have another rival to worry about in terms of market share and features that can improve the experiences of consumers.


Features for wear devices

With the wear device features in the latest Android update, users can now send and receive messages from wear devices, like smart watch, with ease. With a voice command, a user can send message from their wear devices through the Viber app.

Additional chat features

In addition to the wear device features, the android update also includes a number of very creative additions to the chat system. One of such in the inclusion of the chat admin that allow users to create a chat group and have greater control of it from their end. You can add and delete participants, as well as edit information in the group. The app also has an inclusion that creates a number and photo for a user who doesn’t have a particular number saved i.e. unknown number.

The update has also included more fun into the public chat platform. You now have access to even more fun stickers, and there is an option where you can check the latest news in sports and entertainment. There are also improvements in the introduction into the gaming world, which includes standalone games like Wildluck Casino, Viber Pop and Viber Candy Mania. Within the Viber community, gamers will have the opportunity to know what type of games their friends are playing. This is made possible when game invites are sent. Getting the update is easy. All you need is to visit your play store and download it. Please note that the updateis about 34MB so make sure you have enough data before you begin download, so you don’t have to do it again. You should also ensure you already have android 2.3 or greater, installed.

Viber provides a great opportunity for people to communicate through chat, voice and calls, very easily. One feature that sets Viber apart from other chat services is that, you can make calls to people, even if they’re not on Viber. This includes both mobile and landline numbers.

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