How to Get Viber App Running on your Device


Viber app has come to stay as millions of people really welcome its arrival. However, you need to do certain things before you can get it running to make the most out of it. Discussed below is what you need to get Viber app running on your device.

Compatible and Supported Smartphone

As Android devices are most numerous in the list of supported models, chances are that if you have an Android device, it is covered. This is for the reason that Android is more open an operating system with due respect to software development and hardware integration.

Internet Connection

Viber app can only work with 3G and WiFi. You will need to have a 3G data plan for calls as you will be on the move. In addition, you can have WiFi hotspots in many places for free, including your home and office. As you will be paying for each MB of data you use on your calls and messages, this often costs money.

List of Followers to Talk to

You cannot send Viber messages or make Viber calls to people who don’t use Viber app. However, more than a hundred million people out there are using Viber, but you don’t have to or want to talk to them, do you? Therefore, if you are moving to Viber, a number of other people have to do so as well.


How to Download and Install Viber App

Open the Market or Google Play app on your Android device. Look for Viber in your Google Play app and then click Download and Install. As the app is just 7 MB, the installation will be done in a short time. You are then presented with a welcome screen with the features of app. Click Continue and it will ask you to insert you mobile phone number. It detects your location and area code, automatically. You can choose the right one using the drop down list.

In order to allow Viber app access to your contact list, a pop up asks you for authorization. You can decide not to grant the permission, but the implication is that you would be leaving an interesting feature of the app. Therefore, it is suggested that you should allow and you will find nothing wrong.

Requesting activation code from you is the next step, which you must have already received through a text message from Viber. Just enter the four-digit code and you are through. You use this access code to confirm that you are the original owner of the phone number you entered.

Getting the Most out of Viber App

To save a lot of money from Viber app, if you have contact numbers of colleagues, friends and family you call frequently and they use Smartphone, ask them to install Viber app and you will enjoy free calls to them, particularly if you make the calls using WiFi hotspots. This service will reduce the burden on your home phone service. You can also turn the app to a collaboration tool by organizing group messaging among you.

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